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Salüd Logo and Branding

The objective of this project  was to create a business from scratch and provide that company with the basic essentials.


I created Salüd as an app to suggest recipes that cater to your diet needs. Whether you are diabetic, allergic to gluten, vegan, or just a picky eater, you can customize the recipes that are generated for you.

I designed the logo, stationery, and promotional items. I created the app using Adobe XD and is interactive. The website was coded from scratch using Sublime and FileZilla and is responsive so it can be viewed on any device.

Salüd was awarded a gold Addy in 2020 for Integrated Brand Campaign in the student division.

Solutions Journal Rebrand

The objective of this project  was to rebrand Solutions Journal. Along with a team of colleagues at LSU,  we simplified the logo by removing their tagline and separating the golden ration from the title. Along with this rebrand, I designed a magazine layout and potential cover template. I also designed a bus stop sign and billboard.

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